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Bhojpuri song programme Sur sangram was my favorite programme on Mahua TV. Unfortunately I never watch Sur sangram on television but recently I revisited  Sur sangram episodes on Youtube. This is really awesome to revisit the bhojpuri song variety. Two things disllike modt is that- mostly sigers explore very little diversity of bhojpuri songs and girls contestant are completly bogus. However there were some very awesome singers like Ramashish Baagi, Alok kumar but i like Zahid Anwar. He has such a awesome voice that I decide to write about Zahid Anwar songs. i do not much about beside that he belongs to Bihar. Download songs og Zahid Anwar.....

1. Zahid Anwar in Sur Sangram2 - Pahila pyar ka pahla paigam

2. Zahid Anwar in Sur Sangram2 - Piyar dehia piyar saari  Download original track

3. Zahid Anwar in Sur Sangram2 - Sonwa ke pinjra me  Download original song by rafi saab

4. Zahid Anwar in Sur Sangram2 - Tora mathe ke bindia

5. Zahid Anwar in Sur Sangram2 - Beti pardesi bhaili

6. Zahid Anwar in Sur Sangram2 - Halfa macha ke gayil   Download as a ringtone


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