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Unfortunately i never listen him. Infact i was not aware with his name also. please pardon my ignorance. During this dashara I was in my villege and found that my two nephews are big fan of pavan Singh. So I though to search his songs. I found a blog for his songs. Please don't to your well wishes to this blog owner. I haven't checked the quality of this files because titles doesn't match with my test but hope others may love it. :)

Album-Aawela Maza Tadpawe Mein

1.Aawela maza tadpawe Mein
2 Chudi khankhanayee
3 Pulsar par dand Dhar ke
4 Odhaniya wali
5 Chhup-Chhup ke rowal baru
6 I.A Mein Naam Likhayeel
7 Jeens Penhal Dekhi Tohar

Album-Ee Naya Cheez Ha

Album- Kaila Naina Char

1 Kudi navlakhia
2 Maza la maal paa ke
3 odhania kamal kare
4 Odhania kamal kare
5 Daroga ji ho sensational
6 hai re hoth lali
7 Hamar Hia Mehar

Album-Lallipop lagelu

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  1. please send me " o kanha tu hai kiska diwanna" By pawan Singh. A super hit album in Bhojpuri. All song in this album are fantastic, But one of them i most like That song is Har ghadi yad teri aati hai sautan banke main phirun shyam tere nam ki jogan banke.please please please please send me this song.


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