Old bhojpuri song download : Ganga Kinare mora gaav bhojpuri song download

Personally I feel bad that I never get enjoyed the Bhojpuri movies because of so many reasons but I accept that I enjoyed this movie more than 50 times. Even today I never miss the chance to see this movie. I simply love the superb script, splendid performances and melodious songs of this movie. All songs were sung by Usha Mangeshkar, Satyen Verma, Bela Sulakhe, Asha Bhosale, mahendra kapoor, Chandrani Mukharejee and Sonu Nigam and they were unparallel in Bhojpuri cinema in every aspect. I love “lori” (Lullaby) most. In this 1984's release, chitragupta was again superb.

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  1. Hi..

    First of all Many Many Thanx for the Songs of Dulha Ganga Paar ke.

    I have seen this movie only once in my childhood. I have a very light memory of this movie and like to see this movie again, but could not get the CD/DVD of the any movie.
    Can you please tell me from where I can get the DVD/CD of the following movies:
    Dulha ganga paar ke
    Ganga Kinare Mora Gaav
    Balam Perdeshiya

    I enquired Moserbaer for this but could not get any positive reply from them.

    Thanx again for the melodious songs.


  2. hi ravi,
    thanks for appreciations..actually decent resources for bhojuri cinema is still very limited on net..however few guys have stated some serious efforts very recently..u may visit

    for few bhojpuri movies like

    sasura bada paisa wala
    balam pardesia

    i will mail you about other ersources very soon.. one thing more don't forget to say thanks to 'bhojpurichannel' ..over all they deserve it :)

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    regards cytocine

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  5. hi rajeev,
    this is for home sick guys..isliye ghar ki to yaad aayegi hi yaar


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